Making Toyama’s winter specialty “KABURA ZUSHI” part3

This is the time to make “Salted Yelloetail (Buri)”.
If you can find “salted yellowtail” in supermarkets, you can skip this process.

We got sliced yellowtail for Sashimi (about 5cm x 3cm x 1cm).
It takes 4-5 days for salting.

Prepare salt, 10%-weight of yellowtail
We got 700g of yellowtail, so we used 70g of salt.

Firstly, put a part of salt on the bottom of container and pile up yellowtail and salt alternately like the previous cooking.

After using up all salt, cover with plastic wrap and put weight stone.
As a just referene, we used 300g of weight stone for 700g of yellowtail.

This is kept in refrigerator because it will be warm this weekend in Toyama. 
Anyway, keep this below 10℃.

18th Dec. Prepare radishes. Pickle with salt. →done
20th Dec. Prepare Buri. Pickle with salt. →We have just done it!
24th Dec. Stuff Buri between radishes like sandwich. Soak with Amazake 0.
31st Dec. Ready for eat(●^ー^●)

For next step, don’t forget to prepare Amazake 0.