Making Toyama’s winter specialty “KABURA ZUSHI” part2

Please read the previous article before reading this article.
Making Toyama’s winter specialty “KABURA ZUSHI” part1

Firstly, let’s make turnips or rasish pickles with salt.
Please start this process 2 week before you want to eat.
Salt drives excess water out and makes vegitables soft. 
In addition, Salt kills toxic bacteria but cultivates Lactic acid bacteria.  
As you know, Lactic acid bacteria brings good effect for our health, and brings mild sour taste and umami.

We use radish instead of turnips, 1.7kg for 3 radishes.
Peel the radish and cut in round slice of 1.5-1.8cm thickness.

Next, making further cut through radish with about 80% depth.
↓Like this.


Next, measuring salt, 3%-weight of radish.

Finally, put radish into the container.
We use miso container for 2kg

Put salt on the bottom of container.
Then, start putting radishes. Pile up radish and salt alternately.
Pack to its maximum as possible you can to remove air.

Put all remain salt on the top layer.
Cover with plastic wrap to remove air.

At the end, put a stone weight (we used 4kg of s.w.).
Place the container in the cold (lower than about 10℃) and dark room.
If you like, cover the container with plastic bag to aviod contamination.

18th Dec. Prepare radishes. Pickle with salt. →We have just done it!
20th Dec. Prepare Buri. Pickle with salt.
24th Dec. Stuff Buri between radishes like sandwich. Soak with Amazake 0.
31st Dec. Ready for eat(●^ー^●)

I will explain the next step in the following articles.
See you!