New product Amazake zero ~SAKURA~

Here, we introduce you our new product which is perfect for coming sping season.

Amazake 0 ~SAKURA~
This is limited item only for spring.

We found non-additive Sakura, finally.
Natural pink color and elegant taste are very special.

In Japan, we enjoy pink rice cake which is made with SAKURA in spring term, this is called SAKURA-MOCHI.
This product has really similar taste to Sakura-mochi because our amazake and rice cake has common ingredient “rice”.
Though Amazake contains almost no sugar (actually we use a little sugar for sakura preparation), we can enjoy healthy Sakura-mochi.

You can eat it like yogurt but also mix with milk or iced in freezer.
(I love to pour it over milk ice cream!)

Enjoy your spring time. Thank you for reading our blog.