Harvesting rice for special miso

We have finished to harvest rice for our special miso.

YAMAGEN started to cultivate rice 3 years ago with a rice farmer in Toyama, Mr. Sekino.
He is a polite and honest farmer, taking care of his fields without any day off.

The rice brand we selected is “Toyama original Tenkomori“.
Tenkomori is one of the most delicious rice in Toyama and rated as “Special A” of Japanese rice ranking last year.

We are using this special rice for special miso once-a-year, only on January.
Tenkomori is a late-maturing variety, so this character is perfect for our miso making.

Rice planting started 27th May and rice haevesting started 11th Oct this year.

Today, we will show you how to harvest rice in Sekino field.

 getting heavy rice. very beautiful with still wind.

 This is our president who loves rice.

We use the machinery, “combine”. It is similar to harvesting wheat.

Operating with hands.

The lamp can tell us the volume of rice husk in the tank.

Transfering rice husk to container.

Beautiful gold color.

Looking forward to polishing this rice.

Actually we were afraid of the rice growth this year because Toyama had some typhoons, less sunlight and other strange weather.
Thanks to Mr. Sekino’s hardwork and kindness, we got rice as great as last year.

Thank you.

Now, we started to prepare using this rice with the best condition.

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