The challenge of fourteen ~temae miso~

Young internship, just 14 years old, came to Yamagen 2weeks ago.
They are students from Takaoka seibu junior high school. 
All junior high school students need to experience the real workplace for 1 week.
This special event of Toyama pref. is called “The challenge of fourteen”. 


We accept the local students every year and teach how to tie old-type miso container with rope.
like below.

The most attractive event is “Temae-miso experience”.
“Temae” means “making something by oneself”.
Mr. Yamamoto, our factory tief, and Mr. Fujita who makes miso for 10 years are the teachers.

How to make Temae-miso

Mix Koji and salt well

Add boiled-soybeans and its bleed and mix more

Mix more, the more delicious miso is made.

Pack then in the container with removing air


Tying up with rope as you learned!

This is 4kg-container, much bigger than normal one (2kg)!

Complete with labeling!

This container was for 4kg, but they achieved about 6kg…! Big work!
Also nice work for tying rope.

These are eatable after 1 month.
We hope they can enjoy this experience and their own “temae miso”:)

On a different note, all 12 year-old students in Toyama experience climbing Mt. Tate (3015m).
Everyone who lives outside Toyama is surprised at this traditional event.
Interestingly, this event is continued from Edo era (1600).
There are a lot of provincial event.
Do your procince have interesting one?