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Cooking time 15min Difficulty ★★

Healthy and simple soup. Nice combination with pork and natural sweetness of koji. If you like, you can put dashi (dried bonito or kelp).


Pork (thin slice) 200g
Japanese radish 1/3
Carrot 1
Leek 1
Konjac 1
Tofu 200g
AMAKOJI MISO 4 of table spoon
Water 800ml
Seven spice blend as you like

How to make TONJIRU

Cut Konjac into 1cm cubic, cook it for 3 min with boiling water and drain.
Cut Japanese radish, carrot and leek into 1cm.
Cut pork into 2cm.
Put oil in deeper pot, fry Konjac, Japanese radish, carrot, leek and pork. After most of pork is cookes, put water and boil thoroughly.
After boiling, skim off foam and dissolve miso.
Sprinkle seven spice blend as you like.

For AMAKOJI MISO, 3 times of Koji is used for making. The natural and soft sweetness of Koji taste good but also good for health.