For beauty skin care and mental health

Fermented and matured 'Hatomugi', also known as 'adlay', which is good for beautiful skin, with ingredients of soya beans, rice and sun-dried salt. This miso brings beauty and health to your daily diet.

Be healthy in mind body and spirit. This is the reason why we carefully select ingrediants. Soy beans and Hatomugi (JA Inaba) are grown in Toyama Prefecture, rice is grown in Hokuriku and salt is from the sun. No alcohol is used and unheated so the yeast is still alive. It can be used not only in miso soup, but also as a dip for fresh vegetables and as a secret addition to curries.

The product name is a cross between 'heart' (means love) and 'Hatomugi' in reference to the company's philosophy of being 'continuously loved by customers'.
Try this "strongest supplement from ancient Japan"!

Product Summary

Product Code 1336
Name of Product Hatomugi Miso
JANcode 4979369133604
Volume 400g (Miso cup)
Name of Food Hatomugi Miso
Ingredients Rice, Soy bean, Sun-dried salt, and Hatomugi
Quality Gurantee Period 12 months(Normal temperature avoid direct sunlight)
Allergen Soybean

Nutrition facts( per100g )

Energy 204kcal
Protein 6.0g
Fat 8.0g
Carbohydrates 27.1g
Salt 10.2g


Sweetness ★★★★
Saltness ★★
Richness ★★★
Easy to cook ★★★★
Toyama ★★★★★
Package Size Width 105mm
Depth 105mm
Height 80mm
Package Weight 425g
Case Count 8
Packing Size Width 230mm
Depth 430mm
Height 95mm
Packing Weight 3816g
I like it!

The natural mild sweetness is very tasty.


Grilled with miso and mayonnaise


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