Event: Workshop of making Miso-ball with Yamagen miso in Tokyo

At SHINTORA MARKET, you can try to make Miso-ball,which is hand-made instant miso with ingredients, with 3 kinds of YAMAGEN MISO; ENREI DAIZU MISO, AMAKOJI NAMA MISO, TENNEN JOUZOU MISO

You can also enjoy ingredients from Takaoka; colorful dry glutens, white shrimps or grated kelp seaweed.

The below is a copy of SHINTRA MARKET webpage.



■ Dates:17 June (Sat), 24 June (Sat)
            11:00 ~12:00 / 13:00 ~14:00
■ Capacity: each time Capacity 8 people (by appointment)
■ Fee: 1,500 yen (Yamagen set lunch and your souvenir are included)
■ Reservation method:
mail or the telephone ( 070 – 1567 – 1164 ) please .
In the case of mail, please send the following adress with your name, your age and TEL nunber.