New Product: SOKUSAI-SAISAI Shiitake Kombu Dashi Shoyu 150ml

Our new product “SOKUSAI-SAISAI Shiitake Kombu Dashi Shoyu 150ml” has been released.
The new brand “SOKUSAI SAISAI” is our original which means “Being Healthy with Vegitables”.
In this brand, the power of fermentation brings out the flavor of vegitables.

The first product of this brand is Miso with vegitable broth, and the next is Shiitake Kombu Dashi Shoyu.
This soysauce does not contain animal-derived ingredient and chemical seasoning.
The taste is mild and gentle by 3 kinds of mashrooms (Shiitake-mashroom, Champignon, Enoki-mashroom), kelp and Japanese traditional fermentation.

Launch Date:2022/10/1

Please check the detail at the product page: SOKUSAI-SAISAI Shiitake Kombu Dashi Shoyu 150ml.