Seasoned with Ginger and Sesame

(日本語) おでんには欠かせない田楽味噌。大根、とうふ、こんにゃく、里芋などお好みの旬の野菜を田楽味噌でお楽しみください。昔ながらの懐かしい味。

Product Summary

Product Code 5020
Name of Product DENGAKU MISO 120g
JANcode 4979369101016
Volume 120g (Miso cup120g cup)
Name of Food Cooked miso
Ingredients Miso (Soybeans (NON-GMO),Rice,Salt),Sugar,Ginger,Reduced starch syrup,Fermented seasoning,White sesame/ Alcohol
Quality Gurantee Period 12 months(Normal temperature avoid direct sunlight)
Allergen Soybean, Sesame

Nutrition facts( per100g )

Energy 228kcal
Protein 6.6g
Fat 2.6g
Carbohydrates 44.5g
Salt 6.9g


Sweetness ★★★★★
Saltness ★★
Richness ★★★★
Easy to cook ★★★★★
Toyama ★★★★
Package Size Width 150mm
Depth 150mm
Height 25mm
Package Weight 140g
Case Count 8
Packing Size Width 233mm
Depth 230mm
Height 60mm
Packing Weight 1175g
ITFcode (日本語) -

Cooked MisoDip MisoMiso cup120g cup


Classic dishes Cooked Miso


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SATOIMO NO YOGOSHI (Taro with Dengaku miso)