Easy-cook steam rice with Mountain vegitables, Takenoko and 14-mixed grains

Package contains everything you need; Mochi rice (Japanese sticky rice), Seasoning liquid, Mountain vegitables, Takenoko and 14-mixed grain. Good for musubi (rice ball), boxed lunch, or unexpected guest.

Product Summary

Product Code 7085
JANcode 4979369708505
Volume 2cups of rice (Okowa set bag)
Name of Food Okowa set
Ingredients No-wash rice (Japan), Vegitables (Warabi, Takenoko(bamboo shoot), Carrot, Fried-Tofu, Shiitake mashroom, Sugar, Salt, Calcium lactate, pH modifier, Anti-oxidant(Vitamin C)), Seasoning liquid (Fermented seasoning liquid, Soy sauce, Dried bonite, Kelp seaweed, Salt, Alcohol), 14-mixed grain (Barley, Glutinous millet, Glutinous brown rice, Germinated brown rice, Foxtail millet, Green rice, Indian millet, Red rice, Adlay, Amaranthus, Quinoa, Barnyard millet, White sesame, Black sesame)
Quality Gurantee Period 6 months(Normal temperature avoid direct sunlight)
Allergen Wheat, Soybean

Nutrition facts( per100g )

Energy 134kcal
Protein 5.2g
Fat 1.7g
Carbohydrates 24.4g
Salt 0.8g


Sweetness ★★★
Richness ★★★★
Easy to cook ★★★★★
Toyama ★★★
Package Size Width 197mm
Depth 40mm
Height 217mm
Package Weight 560g
Case Count 12
Packing Size Width 310mm
Depth 290mm
Height 235mm
Packing Weight 7120g
ITFcode 14979369708502

OkowaOkowa set bag