Best match soy sauce with Rice cake

(日本語) お餅用に調合された醤油です。焼餅にお使いいただいたり、焼おにぎり、焼き鳥のたれとしても最適です。ざらめ糖を使い、とろり味わい深い甘味に仕上げました。

Product Summary

Product Code 3075
Name of Product OMOCHI SHOYU 160ml
JANcode 4979369051632
Volume 160ml (160ml PET bottle)
Name of Food しょうゆ加工品
Ingredients Naturally brewed soy sauce,Coarse sugar,Sugar,Sweet sake,Yeast extract, Salt/ Alcohol,Starch
Quality Gurantee Period 18 months(Normal temperature avoid direct sunlight)
Allergen Wheat, Soybean

Nutrition facts( per100g )

Energy 175kcal
Protein 5.2g
Fat g
Carbohydrates 38.6g
Salt 8.6g


Sweetness ★★★★★
Saltness ★★★
Richness ★★★★
Easy to cook ★★★
Toyama ★★
Package Size Width 55mm
Depth 55mm
Height 128mm
Package Weight 215g
Case Count 10
Packing Size Width 120mm
Depth 280mm
Height 140mm
Packing Weight 2260g

Soy SauceSpecial Soy Sause160ml PET bottle