Soy sauce with Wasabi

Yamagen "Wasabi Shoyu" is the only soy sauce with wasabi all of the world because it is difficult to keep wasabi flavor in soy sauce. Enjoy soy sauce made with traditional techniques 245 years ago and the combination with Wasabi.

Product Summary

Product Code 2550
Name of Product WASABI SHOYU 150ml
JANcode 4979369255009
Volume 150ml (Glass bottle150ml glass bottle)
Name of Food Soy sauce
Ingredients Naturally brewed soy sauce,Protein hydrolysate,Salt,Sweet sake,Sugar,Sesame oil,Wasabi powder/ Alcohol,Modified starches,Seasoning (amino acid,nucleic acid),Spices,Flavoring,Caramel color,Sweetener (Sucralose)
Quality Gurantee Period 18 months(Normal temperature avoid direct sunlight)
Allergen Wheat, Soybean, Sesame

Nutrition facts( per100ml )

Energy 113kcal
Protein 6.2g
Fat 1.7g
Carbohydrates 18.1g
Salt 13.7g


Sweetness ★★
Saltness ★★★★
Richness ★★★★
Easy to cook ★★★
Package Size Width 51mm
Depth 51mm
Height 140mm
Package Weight 300g
Case Count 12
Packing Size Width 185mm
Depth 240mm
Height 160mm
Packing Weight 3820g
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(日本語) 村上さん(営業部)

(日本語) わさびを溶かさなくても良いので便利。さしみや肉料理に合わせると抜群です。ツーンとくる辛さがたまらない!


Soy SauceFlavored Soy SauseGlass bottle150ml glass bottle


Classic dishes Party dishes

Beef steak with Wasabi soy sauce

Party dishes Summer

Wasabi flavored Carpaccio